The best restaurantes in Barcelona

If you’re spending a few days in Barcelona and want to make sure you dine at only the best restaurants, this is the list for you.

We’ve pulled together all of the must-try restaurants, separated in categories, like type of food, what’s trendy at the moment, wine bars, restaurants with Michelin stars…all to help you decide which is the perfect restaurant for your visit. And if you’d like to see more on any of these restaurants and explore others in Barcelona, you can find all this and more in our app Velada. You’ll be able to filter by area, type of food and type of vibe you’re looking for so you can choose the perfect restaurant.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Barcelona:

Best Michelin Star


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Disfrutar is one of the few restaurants that really bases itself on creativity at the core. This modern cuisine has earned one Michelin star and offers vanguard dishes with various fixed-price menus, together with wine-pairings if you choose. Don’t miss this incredible experience.

Average price: 160-200 euros. C. de Villaroel 163, Eixample, Barcelona.


Mont Bar

Mont Bar is a Barcelona classic that everyone talks about, sure to be a memorable experience. With gourmet tapas, it’s small plates meets fine dining, in a casual atmosphere in this locale. The wine list contains over 250 different wines and the waiters offer excellent and interesting recommendations to go with your dishes. You can also check out the sister restaurant next door, Mediamanga, which is an even more casual version of this kitchen. One or both is a ‘must’ on your visit to Barcelona.

Average prie: 45-70 euros. Carrer de la Diputació 220, Eixample, Barcelona.

Rices and Paella

La Mar Salada

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Mar Salada takes traditional ingredients and dishes and brings them up to current times with a unique take. We recommend the «paella de señorito de la lonja de La Barceloneta», it’s truly special.

Average price: 40-60 euros. Calle Honda 9, Barceloneta, Barcelona.

Something trendy…

Slow and Low

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Slow & Low is an informal restaurant with an open kitchen and a focus on the quality of their ingredients. In addition to this, they also have a great cocktail list so you can have a few drinks before, after (or during) your meal!

Average price: 68 euros (menú degustación) Carrer del Comte Borrell 109, Sant Antoni, Barcelona.

Something unique…

Palo verde

Palo Verde is all about the charcoal grill. Right when you enter you can smell the charcoal and delicious ingredients on the grill. The dishes are completely unique and all delicious (with a group of 4 you can almost order the entire menu!). Plates like the tsukune de pato, one of the most popular, it’s essentially a duck meatball in the yakitori-style, with a sweet soy sauce. And they have an interesting wine list to go along with all their interesting dishes. You’ll love it.

Average price: 30-45 euros. Carrer de Còrsega 232, Eixample, Barcelona.

Best Wine Bar


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Contracorrent Bar, where you’ll find tapas and natural wines, right in the heart of Barcelona. All the wines at this locale are natural, from nearby wineries, and with unique flavor, that you can enjoy alongside your meal. Don’t skip the peas and beans, with parmesan and vanilla1

Average price: 20-35 euros. C de Ribes 35, Fort Pienc, Barcelona.

International Cuisine


Peruvian cuisine is full of creativity and a mixture of flavors and textures. Some of the typical dishes you’ll find are: ceviche and «causa limeña».


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Yakumanka is a Peruvian «cevicheria», with a focus on this raw fish dish. They marry perfectly the traditional Peruvian dishes with ingredients from the Spanish coast. Enjoy their ceviches, whole grilled fish, woks and much more.

Average price: 30-45 euros. Carrer de Valéncia 207, Eixample, Barcelona.


Here we have a very different type of gastronomy. Lebanese dishes include a lot of vegetables and legumes. With aromas and spices that will surprise you. Some typical plates are: hummus y Za’atar (a spice mixture of thyme, sesame seeds and zumack).


Albé is one of the top Lebanese restaurants in Barcelona and offers a fusion of Lebanese and mediterranean cuisine. You have to try the kebbe with tzatziki and mint, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Average prie: 25-40 euros. Carrer de Mallorca 196, Eixample, Barcelona.

Les Filles

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An oasis inside Barcelona, that’s Les Filles. You can enjoy an excellent brunch or a light meal while enjoying their perfect terrace. A project based on sustainability, they offer dishes such as grilled beet salad with feta cheese, spinach, avocado, arugula and pistachios. Just delicious.

Average price: 20-25 euros. Carrer de Minerva 2, Gràcia, Barcelona.


Little Adaman

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Little Adaman is an Indian bar-restaurant, created by two lovers of Indian cuisine with «modern palates», as they say. You can find a selection of seafood and rice, all with a touch of the Mediterranean and with Indian flavors.

Average price: 30 euros. Carrer de Muntaner 182, Eixample, Barcelona.

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